Making a Difference
Marc Cowan is known as the “Logistical Entrepreneur” having created breakthroughs by utilizing logistics and the intricate operations across various sectors. These include: the logistical placement of data and it’s security; the distribution of consumer goods featured on the popular ABC TV series Shark Tank and the transportation of perishable goods across the globe.
Due to these substantial contributions, Marc has risen to the top of his field and has been awarded multiple fellowships by prestigious institutes, where he’s the youngest individual to hold the highest-ranking status from 17,000 other members. This has led him to being widely acknowledged for his work by publications such as the Huffington Post, World News and other significant industry publications, along with being recognized as an individual of extraordinary ability by the most challenging immigration system in the world (The US Government), where less than 1% of people are awarded this status. 
He’s enabled multinationals, fortune 500’s and major financial and healthcare corporations to remain secure at all times through his developments, which include protecting a company’s most valuable asset to enable people to keep their jobs, provide for families, secure entire economies and save lives, which all in all certainly provide a substantial impact in the world. 
As a result of this, Marc has been selected for the highly acclaimed SHD Logistics 100 as one of the top 100 most influential professionals within the industry. Finally, he’s also been invited to judge the Stevie’s International Business Awards (“The Oscars for business”), where he was responsible in judging submissions from top executives from around the globe in his field.
As an influential Jewish leader who strives to make a difference, Marc also started Alpha Epsilon Pi in England over 5 years ago, which has now grown across the entire country in 10 cities with hundreds of members and alumni. Due to his work, he has impacted many Jewish lives across the country, enabled others to become more involved in Jewish life, raise thousands of pounds for philanthropy and even successful businesses have started due to this. 
Marc Cowan
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